The Different Types of Tactical Belts


Tactics belts have been around for a long time and they’re still used today by law enforcement officers, military personnel—even security guards! These leather or nylon pouches attach right onto your belt so you can carry all sorts of gear in one place without having to take up extra space on top of everything else. You’ll never want to go back when there’s access this convenient.


Leather tactical belts are often thick and bulky, which may be uncomfortable for some people. However, the material is also very pliable, making it easier to slip into belt loops. Leather tactical belts can be just as effective as their nylon and polyester counterparts. They also have a unique style that makes them more visually appealing.

They are also durable. They are made of heavy-duty leather or nylon with a heavy-duty metal buckle. They are perfect for long hours of use without causing pain or losing rigidity. Lastly, they feature quick-release technology. The buckle is activated by pushing two golden tabs simultaneously, and can still hold when only one tab is pushed down. This allows for increased weight-bearing capacity.


Nylon tactical belts are an excellent choice for a multitude of purposes. They can be used for everyday activities like work, hiking, and sports, but they’re also ideal for use in military training and law enforcement. These belts are strong and lightweight, and can accommodate a large number of items, including several guns, spare magazines, and flashlights.

A good nylon tactical belt should have a high denier rating, which is a measure of material strength. A 1D belt, for example, is 1 gram per nine kilometers (or 0.11 milligrams per square meter). The higher the denier, the sturdier the material. Anything above 600D is industrial-grade nylon. It’s also advisable to check for the tensile strength rating, which reflects the material’s strength.

Polyester blend

A polyester blend tactical belt can be used for many different purposes. It is lightweight, breathable, and dries quickly. It is also easy to trim and comes with a plastic buckle for extra security. Nylon belts are another option. WYUZE offers two-packs of lightweight nylon belts for the best value.

Regardless of your needs, a nylon or polyester blend tactical belt can fit your needs. Both materials are durable and abrasion-resistant. If you are planning to carry a lot of gear, you may want a tactical belt that can hold all of that gear without being too tight. While the stiffness of nylon and polyester blends is necessary for holding the weight of your gear, they should also not restrict your movement. Try to purchase a tactical belt that has sufficient stretch so that you can comfortably wear it and adjust it to your waist size.

Gun belts

A good gun belt will be tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear while still allowing the gun to remain secure. Many of these belts come with Molle loops to attach gear. The belt should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the handgun, but also flexible enough to allow the wearer to breathe freely. Some tactical belts also come with water bottle clips.

These belts are often made of leather or other durable materials, and are generally thicker and heavier than your standard department store belt. In addition, they usually have more room for magazines and other gear that may be necessary for tactical purposes.


The Enigma tactical belt has several unique features. It is made of lightweight polymer textile from AXL Advanced and is bolted to a holster shell. It is adjustable in both tilt and grip rotation. It allows the user to make small adjustments without undoing the entire holster.

The Enigma is also compatible with most common AIWB holsters. Its mounting holes are spaced 5/8 inches apart.

Western Gun Belts

AWS makes a high-quality gunfighter belt for a moderate price. While the belt is far from being cheap, it is worth it for the quality and durability that it offers. There are several different styles and colors to choose from. The belts are also made in the United States, which makes them more affordable than cheaper-quality brands.

The best gun belts are designed to withstand the weight of the gear they are made to hold. They should have a rigid core and reinforced fabric loops. They should also have a lanyard so that they won’t get flung by moving objects.


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