Cater Your Flavor Desire With Refillable POD System In LUXE X


Are you the one who gets off with using the same flavor over and over when it comes to e-cigarettes? Do you want to experience diverse flavors that add to your excitement and mood? Then you should try LUXE X featuring a refillable pod system.

The LUXE X is a remarkable innovation in vaping devices. It not only features an extra slim design but also consumes only power of 40W. Another key feature of LUXE X is that the coils in this device are not replaceable. The incredible Axon Chip in the device allows you to enjoy the bigger clouds and effective operation.

What Does a Refillable POD System Mean?

The term refillable in the refillable pod system reflects that you can easily refill your device with any e-liquid you want. An e-liquid also refers to the vape juice which receives heat from the coil within LUXE X. The heat vaporizes the e-liquid, and you inhale the same. When all the e-liquid gets vaporized, you need to refill it again with a new one.

Why does Refillable POD System Matters In LUXE X?

There are many reasons which add up to the worth of a refillable pod system in LUXE X. Some of the main reasons/ benefits include:

Multiple Flavor Selection

People don’t like pre-filled POD systems because replacing them is the only solution to change the flavor. On the other hand, the refillable pod system serves best in this regard. You can change the flavor whenever you want just by changing the e-liquid. This way, you can enjoy a variety of flavors. Options exist to add up freebase e-liquid or direct hit of salt nic on the throat.

Maintenance Free

As you know, big kits or mods require sufficient maintenance or repairs. But regarding the refillable pod system, you don’t need to do so. Each and everything have proper sealing. The thing you need to do is only refill when you need and charge. LUXE X requires no maintenance or cleaning.

Zero Leakage

Another benefit that makes the LUXE X device stand out is zero or no leakage. Just open the tank or mod to refill the e-liquid inside. It features a leak-proof design. You will not be going to experience leakage of your e-liquid. It is best to choose LUXE X if you have experienced cleaning leaked e-liquids and stickiness in the past.


In earlier times, the pod kits usually come in large sizes, similar to the phone’s size or even larger. They refer to the mods or tanks. But now, LUXE X has a refillable pod system that is truly portable. You can place it in a pocket or just in a small case. When it comes to their performance, they even surpass the bigger devices.

Cost Effective

When it comes to the cost of LUXE X, it is truly worth it. The price is much lower than the mods or tanks in the market. The main reason behind the low price is its compact design, simplicity, and ease to use. This will not put a burden on your budget.


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