Risks to consider when you want to Pressure Wash a Roof


The popularity of a pressure washer within the past decade is amazing. People use it for many reasons and in ways that you could never imagine. These machines are fast becoming a tool everyone strives to have in their home. You can use a pressure washer to clean the slightest stain, and it also comes in handy in cleaning hard surfaces like walkways or driveways. With many uses for pressure washers, it is evolving from being a machine owned by people into a tool that everyone has in their catalogue. What people are using their pressure washers for will amaze you because you never think it can serve such a purpose. A very surprising one is pressure washing your roof.

Of course, the roof of a home is one of the most exposed parts of the home. And for most people, we assume that the only dirt coming on the roof is dust and rainwater. However, we forget that waste from birds and other animals stays on our roof for a long. Over time, some of this dirt will lead to damage of your roof, and in worse cases, a total replacement is required. Replacing your roof will cost you more money than cleaning the roof with a pressure washer. However, cleaning roof with pressure washer is not the most advisable task to take on yourself. There is a lot of risk that comes with pressure washing your roof. You may fall and have a severe injury if you are mot careful enough. Keep reading to understand some of the risk factors

Inspect roof first

The first and most crucial part of cleaning a roof with a pressure washer is to check the roof. Doing this is not a daunting task, all you need is a drone or a ladder. With a drone, you can set your camera to take a video of the different parts of your roof. With a ladder, it is a daunting process because you have to fix the ladder at different parts of the roof. While checking you want to know how dirty it is, its shape and how to climb.

Clear the floor totally

You are trying to climb the roof and not to fall. But in the unlikely case that a fall happens, you do not want to land on a sharp object with such force. Therefore if there is any tree, you want to clear it off.

Set your ladder firmly

You will need a ladder to climb the roof. This time, you are not going with only your weight, a pressure washer is coming with you. Hence, the ladder needs to be firm on the ground. After climbing to the roof, you need to get off the ladder. Never make the mistake of pressure washing on the roof. The force may be too much and will push you in an opposite direction.


Aa much as you can, try to walk on dry roof areas when washing a roof with pressure washer. Bacteria and algae can make you slip off the roof. Also, while cleaning you need to have an eye for damaged part of the roof


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