Factors to Consider Before Choosing Pressure Washer


The evolution of pressure washers over the past years has been nothing short of amazing. If anyone told you a pressure washer would become such an important instrument, you probably would have argued. Now, before you can see any home without a pressure washer, it is hard. A pressure washer is a handy instrument to help you clean any item and surface, whether small or large. Not only will your cleaning be faster and less stressful, you will notice that the cleaning process is more effective. Pressure washers work with a pump and a lot of water to clean surfaces. The pump increases the pressure of the water and releases it with that same pressure.

When the water comes with such pressure, it is enough to clean the surface. The intensity of the pressure released depends on the pressure washer and the settings. Pressure washers are now very popular globally. There are now so many brands to produce pressure washing machines to help you clean. Some of these manufacturers are great at making pressure washers, while others are only guessing. Before buying a pressure washer, you should ensure you are buying from the right source. Also, there are some factors that you should consider before you buy a pressure washer. You can not buy a pressure washer that does not have enough intensity to wash what you need to wash. Some of the factors you should consider before choosing a pressure washer to include;

The need for the pressure washer

The reason you want to buy a pressure washer is the most critical factor to consider. There are many things you can use a pressure washer to clean. The first thing to do is to determine if you’re using it at home or in an industry. If you’re using it at home, you do not need the most oversized pressure washer. What you need is a pressure washer that can wash tough stains from time to time and can still be gentle on fragile surfaces. That way, you can use it for both the walls and the windows. On the other hand, using a pressure washer industrially means you are washing heavy machinery, and need as much pressure as possible.

The Psi

The primary measure of the force of your pressure washer is the Psi. The Psi is an abbreviation for pounds per square inch. It is the measure of the force the water leaves the pressure washer. If a pressure washer reads a psi of 1500psi, it means for every area inch; the water hits it at 1500 pounds.


The GPM of your pressure washer is the measure of how much water your pump is working on. If your pump pumps a lot of water, then it means you will be washing faster and using a lot of water. For instance, if cleaning your lawn requires only 500 gallons of water and your pressure washer has 10 GPM, it means you will be using 50 minutes for the cleaning process.


As explained above, what you want to pressure wash is the most important factor in choosing the suitable pressure washer. Other factors include the nozzle type and space.


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