Things To Consider When Choosing The Correct Wheel Lug Nut


Not all lug nuts are created equally. They are different in many ways such as the shape, type of seat, and size. They are also available in different materials. So how will you find out what is the correct lug nut for your vehicle?

Whenever you need to choose wheel lug nuts for your vehicles then there are some important things that need to be considered. Such as you can buy OSIAS 60mm m14x1.5 lug nuts for the wheels with studs of M12× 1.5.  Read the given article to find out more about how you can choose the correct lug nut for your vehicle.

5 Important Things To Consider To Find The Correct Lug Nut

Following are the 5 important things that you should consider when choosing the lug nut for your vehicle:

1. Size Of Thread

Thread size can be easily measured by using a thread pitch gauge; it is easily available at any automotive store. All you need to do is spin the gauge onto the bolts. It is also known as thread diameter; it is actually the measurement that is taken across the diameter of the wheel. Usually, the stud thread measurements are like 7/16 inches or ½ inches or in metric like 12 mm or 14mm.

2. Pitch Of Thread

In the case of nonmetric studs thread pitch is the measurement of threads per inch and in the case of metric application, this is the difference between threads in millimeters. Normally it is present in the manual or in case the vehicle has been modified you can verify it by using the tool.

3. Type Of Seat

We called the seat, the area of lug nuts that is directly in contact with the wheel. The most common types of lug nuts seats are tapered seats, ball seats, or mag seats (common in Honda and Acura).

4. Dimensions

For safety as well as appearance and proper fit, it is important that you know the exact dimensions of the lug nut or wheel lock. The needed dimensions include the overall length of the lug nut, diameter from outside, shank depth and diameter in case of Mag style nuts.

5. Finishing

You can also choose lug nuts on the basis of their appearance or color. They are available in different colors such as in block chrome, zinc, yellow chromate, red, silver, blue and more.

Besides the above-described things, you may need to consider the type of material they are made of specially if you are modifying your vehicle for a race. In that case you need to look for the lug nuts that are light in weight such as Titanium or anodized aluminum.

Ending Remarks

A time may occur when you need to replace or change the lug nuts of your vehicle. In that situation, you need to consider some important things as described above in the article. These things will let you find the correct lug nut for your vehicle.


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