Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas


Christmas! It’s that wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is a fun time for most people who celebrate Christmas; unless you’re the Grinch. As the temperature drops and snow fills your yard, there are very few options to make your yard and house sparkle through the holidays. There’s no better way to show the neighbors you’re celebrating Christmas than using large outdoor christmas decorations.

When it comes to decorating the outside of your home during Christmas, there are a lot of outdoor decoration ideas to go for. The best part is that you don’t even have to break the bank to get the one you want.

But before rushing out to get these large outdoor Christmas decorations, there are three things you should consider.

Two Factors to Consider Before Getting Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Wiring options and electricity cost

There’s no doubt that these large outdoor Christmas decorations make your front yard look beautiful, but they do have a significant effect on your energy bills. You may want to plan ahead with an extra budget to cover the cost. However, it’s a little price to pay to make the yard welcoming.

Some of these outdoor decorations come with wires and cords and would need a socket to connect with. You’ll need to set that up before buying the decorations. Alternatively, you can choose decorations that are battery or solar powered.


There are several large outdoor Christmas decorations that do not have lights. This means they’ll be hard to see in the dark. For such decorations, you may need to buy a cheap spotlight to shine on them during the cold winter nights. If you’ll only be investing in lighted outdoor decorations, then this shouldn’t concern you.

Outdoor Christmas decorations ideas


Inflatables have become part of the holiday decorations. There’s an inflatable for almost all holiday figures. They are available at an affordable price and designed to be able to withstand the elements of weather. Whether you’re using a snow globe, Rudolph, or a snowman, these inflatables will surely bring your front yard to life. Just ensure they’re well fastened to the ground during windy weather. Since they’re durable, it’s an investment worth making for the holidays.

Candy cane lights

Candy cane lights make good outdoor yard decorations and also path lights. You can line your driveway or walkway with these beautiful lights during heavy snowfall. They are usually powered by a battery and quite durable.

Laser lights

Laser lights are a smart alternative to hanging string lights. It is a machine that projects Christmas lights onto your outside walls of your house. You’re able to control and adjust the color of the lights and display patterns. If you don’t consider the lights too much, they can also be used together with string lights.

Outdoor Christmas tree

Christmas trees have a unique place in Christmas holiday celebrations. While we’ve found new ways to bring the tree into the house, we often forget it’ll make a good addition for outside decorations. If you don’t have any trees out in your yard or find it stressful to go buy a Christmas tree, you can settle with a Christmas tree made with wire.

These fake Christmas trees can withstand weather conditions and are a lot cheaper. You can hang string lights on the wire Christmas tree for extra illumination.


While most people focus on getting indoor Christmas decorations for the holidays, they forget what great opportunities lie outside the house. You can turn your front yard into a Christmas sanctuary by using large outdoor Christmas decorations to stand out. There are several ideas to play around with, but ensure you consider the extra energy cost and wiring options.


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