How to get the DDR Arcade Experience at Home?


It’s been a long since you were at the DDR arcade. And we are sure about your longing for it. You are equally clueless on how to get that experience at home. Well! We understand your situation. DDR arcade is a thing to remember. Once played, you will yearn for the experience over and over again.

This blog post is of sheer interest to you because it will let you have the actual dose of ddr machine at home.

Dance Dance Revolution

DDR is a world-famous game played in arcades for a reason. The authentic feel that you get in the arcades is unbeatable. However, if you still long for something closer to the real sense while staying in your comfort zone, the first thing to do is to get a DDR machine in the first place.

Buy/ Sell

This is exactly where your journey for DDR starts. For grabbing a DDR machine, you should know of a suitable platform that can source your product. The Facebook groups are the hubs where you can get a machine. Posts often pop up where people intend to sell their DDR machines. You can contact them, ask a relevant question and seal the deal if everything goes along the flow.

The importers on the Facebook groups even offer the latest versions arcade, so you have a reasonable probability of grabbing the newest arcade. Auction sites are the platforms where you may find one. So it is better to keep a keen eye on them.


Once bought, work on its maintenance and furnishing before putting it to work. It is obviously a second-hand machine that needs good service. It is an essential step for getting that arcade feeling because it is the ambiance of the arcade that actually matters.


The focus on setup is of great significance for an authentic arcade feeling. Allocate the DDR machine to a refined space in your home. Make sure the sockets are enough to install your machine correctly. The area should be ample enough to spread your pad evenly. This is important because DDR is all about hitting and stamping the pad with your foot to play.

Why people go crazy for the arcades is their stunning setups. So ensure you source enough accessories to turn your corner into a tiny arcade.


DDR is a unique game where you play using your foot instead of hands. Beating the pad with the music and rhythm generate your responses. DDR is famous, and people crazily enjoy playing it in the arcades. This is what a DDR freak can understand. But at times, accessing an arcade becomes impossible. For some, home is their happy place where they want to get the natural feel of playing in an arcade.

So, instantly get a well-to-do DDR machine if you are one of them. Redo it. Install it in the most right corner and stamp your feet to the rhythm to get that awesome vibe.


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