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There are many varieties of basketball court flooring, but the most coveted ones are the NBA level outdoor variety, the hardwood tiles. These court tiles are of professional standard and have a lot of features installed, such as the latest shock absorption technology. Not only do these court tiles meet the NBA standard, but they are also the kind of tiles that are used in FIBA games.

The Different Types of Basketball Court Flooring

Below are the types of basketball court flooring that you can install on your ideal background court.

Hardwood Surface

The most popular and best flooring surface that a basketball court can have is hardwood tile. This type of flooring is what the NBA, which is the most famous basketball league, uses. Not only the NBA, but the top leagues like FIBA, Euroleague, and other leagues use hardwood surfaces for their basketball courts. Hardwood surfaces are made from the fine fibers of a thick wood that is splinter-resistant. Every court, be it a professional league or a playground, would look amazing when this variety of floor tile was installed.

Rubber Surfacing

Rubber flooring is also considered the gold standard when it comes to high-quality basketball courts. This type of basketball court surface is made with concrete, polypropylene plastic, and a layer of rubber. The rubber that was layered on the surface of the tiles provides an extra cushioning mechanism that reduces the impact whenever a player falls. A rubbery surface not only provides an aesthetic feel to it, but also allows players to play at their best due to the fact that they do not need to worry that much about their falls.

Asphalt Surfacing

This kind of flooring is often found on basketball courts in parks and community playgrounds. It may not be the best out of all the flooring options, but it is the most common due to its affordability. An asphalt surface is made by combining fine sand and oil. And while this kind of court surface deteriorates over time and is prone to having minor cracks, pebbles on the surface can smooth the surface fairly well.

Multi-Purpose Plastic Surfacing

While the basketball court serves as a venue to play basketball, it is also used in various ways, especially the courts that are in community centers, schools, and other public facilities. A basketball court is the most convenient place to host different kinds of sports activities and public gatherings. So for this type of scenario, multi-purpose flooring is the best possible option. This kind of court flooring is made by mixing asphalt and concrete.


As long as you know what they are for and why you are installing them, choosing the perfect basketball surface that you would install on your own court shouldn’t be too difficult. You just need to consider whether you want a professional-level court or just a casual basketball court. The best thing you can do is browse online shops to get an idea of tiles that best fit your budget, like in the hope of finding the right tile for your personal basketball court.

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